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Advance Praise for Tale of the Ephant and Its Boss the GLG

“A stirring personal odyssey of growth and self-discovery. Buy two copies – one for your bookshelf and one to weep into.”
—Hyena Smith

“My secret to longevity in the entertainment field is that I read Tale of the Ephant and Its Boss the GLG before each time I go onstage.”
—Fushanoonoo the Dancing Hot Dog

—The LOLly Rolly-Poly

“When [Squanderella] is well-behaved our go-to bedtime story is this little gem.”
—Rusty Davis, trainer of Squanderella the Elephant

“I couldn't put it down.”
—Blake von Banshee,

“I couldn't help but recognize some of my own qualities in the GLG. This book is for everyone: whether you embody the classical ideal of the human form that so inspired the ancients, or even if you are a few notches short of beautiful.”
—Anonymous reviewer

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